St. Michael's Mount St. Piran Morris Dancer

Here's some of the fun we've been having recently

Coldstreamer Inn Beer Festival Gulval - September 24th

Our last danceout of the season and it was starting to get dark as we started dancing which made us shorten our set a bit. Of course the beers being supplied to us inside the pub may have been a factor. I can't remember much of the dancing, but we had a good time as usual afterwards, and I can remember it was partially due to a beer called Village Idiot. 'nuff said.

St. Ives Festival - September 19th

Our danceout at St. Ives' famous festival took place on a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon and we were on fine form for our first set in Fore Street. A larger audience than usual helped us to "up our game" and produced some great participation for Tinners Rabbit. Our set finale, the slightly silly and very enjoyable molly dance Gregorys Powder also went down very well. We then took ourselves off to the rotunda of the Tate gallery where some of us were able to show off our singing and musical skills in the wonderful acoustics before our set. We finished the day, for some unaccountable reason, in the Castle Inn where we were forced to drink and sing. A lovely day all round.

Mock Mayors' Ball - Sept 5th

We were delighted to be asked to entertain at this event which turned out to be somewhat surreal. After all its not everyday you are served jammy dodgers by a unicorn and invited by 'a tart' to drink rum from a teapot! We were even presented to royalty. Bob decided to wear his pink tutu throughout the evening but to be honest I don't think anybody noticed. What a brilliant event. Hope it made lots of money for Montol.

The Pirate - August 29th

Our second visit to The Pirate Inn felt more autumnal as the light faded quite quickly but we were rewarded with a beautiful pink sky. We had a lot of friends visiting us and our band swelled in numbers. Some fans (yes we have some) came to see us again and we had some expert children joining us for Tinner's Rabbit. We danced valiantly, if not accurately. and ended up in the pub ... again... for a sing song. An excellent night all round.

Mousehole 'Tour' August 20th

Once again the weather did its best to scupper our plans. It was raining as we danced outside The Coastguards so we finished our set then went inside rather than venture on to perform outside The Ship as we'd planned. It was lovely to be joined by some old friends and families we'd met last year and the children were particularly keen to join in but sadly we were given a curfew of 10pm so a few of us decided to go on to The Ship. Although the bar staff were also rather concerned about our singing disturbing their residents, we did sing a few songs... quietly.

Logan Rock

It may have been an evening in mid August but as we drove down the lanes towards Treen in torential rain it seemed more like late November. When we arrived the pub was full with diners but we commandeered the marquee outside and set about our usual Thursday night frolics. We were joined by a lovely Belgian couple and some students from Edinburgh who tried (but failed miserably) to teach us some Scottish reels. It was a fun night and well worth the effort of turning out in the rain and cold.

Thursday 6th August 2015

We had a ball dancing in the sunshine on the prom. We were joined by an entire wedding party for Tinner's Rabbit and we gave the bride and groom our morris blessing as they walked under an arch of sticks. In the yacht afterwards we carried on entertaining the wedding party as well as doing a tribute to Cilla Black and hearing the sweet singing of Penny, a singer/songwriter just visiting our town. All in all a brilliant night had by all.

Halsetown Village Fete

Halsetown Village Fete

The Halsetown Village Fete was wind swept and wonderful! We danced in a circle of hay bales entertaining families and we just about managed to keep our hats on, well most of the time. Lots of people joined in for Tinners Rabbit before the wind really picked up and we all had great fun. Afterwards we went for a sing along at the Engine Inn.

Cadgwith Cove Inn Folk Day- July 18th

Life doesn't get much better than this - beautiful sunshine, a beautiful setting, fantastic music and spending the day surrounded by great friends. We all had a fantastic afternoon (and some of us who decided to camp had a great evening too joining in the bar session). Thank you so much for inviting us and PLEASE invite us again next year.

The Engine Inn, Cripplesease July 16th.

After a lovely sunny day the mist descended so we were forced to dance inside the pub. This turned out to be fortuitous as the place was packed with diners so we had a captive audience! In fact we had a brilliant audience who clapped, cheered and joined in whenever possible. It was a great night but there were one highlight when a lovely honeymoon couple asked for a request and Teresa broke into a rousing version of 'Chastity Belt' which luckily they found very amusing.. Adrian and Karen made us so welcome I think we'll be back.

Mounts Bay Academy

Pensans Morris were once again invited into the school as part of year 8's end of term activities. We gave a short talk on folk dancing in general and Morris dancing in particular and then taught the pupils a simple dance called 'Tinners' Rabbit' They all seemed to enjoy the sessions and did extremely well in the short time allocated to each group. Over the 2 days we taught over 180 students and we thank the children for trying so hard and being so attentive and the staff for making us feel so welcome.

Constantine Fete

Constantine Fete

Today we were invited to dance at this lovely village event. As you can see we had some tiny people enthusiastically helping us out (plus a couple of town criers) and we spent much of the afternoon eating cake. Good day all round!

Quay Fair Day

Quay Fair Day

This was an equally busy but just as enjoyable a day as Mazey Day. Unfortunately a rain shower meant that we had to perform inside a marquee but we had a lovely audience and still managed to have a lot of fun. The sun came out again in the early afternoon and the evening found several of us in the Yacht where we began a sing song. We were soon joined by various dancers, musicians and singers who had been performing around the town during the weekend and who were all very much in party mood. It was a real privilege to be surrounded by such talent and we sang, danced and played until we physically couldn't sing, dance or play any more. A fantastic end to a fantastic Golowan festival!

Mazey Day 2015

Mazey Day 2015

What a great day we had! We danced our first set on The Folk stage in Green Market and then took part in the fabulous 1pm parade. In the afternoon we performed a set outside the Union and then ended our day with an imprompu sing and dance outside the Benbow. Passers by joined in and resounding choruses of Cornish songs could be heard all along Chapel Street.

New Mill Gardens

New Mill Gardens

We had a lovely afternoon at New Mill's Open Garden event on June 21st. This is always a fun afternoon as we get to dance in beautiful gardens to appreciative audiences. The village always makes us very welcome and as you can see rewards us with delicious tea and cake between sets. This annual event raises funds for ACE which supports schools in Uganda, and we are always delighted to be invited to participate.

Special evening at The Coldstreamers, Gulval

Last Thursday (28th May) was another great evening for Pensans Morris. We were dancing at The Coldstreamers which is always one of our favourite venues AND it was Jen's birthday so we were all in celebratory mood. We had a wonderfully appreciative audience and the pub welcomed us with jugs of beer when we came in for our usual revelries after we had finished our 2 sets. There was more music, song and dance inside the pub and a birthday cake for Jen. We do all love an excuse to party!

Don't Wake the Fish

Thanks to every one who took part in the weekend festival "Don't Wake The Fish". Nice dancing with our first real performance of our molly dance "Gregory's Powder". The colours were fantastic. I just hope we can find someone who took a photograph. We were lucky with the weather and a lovely picnic after the dancing. The camping was great fun, allowing us to have a beer or two without having to drive; we were able listen to the other performers and to shake a leg ouselves. K...........e........e..............p Dancing. PS Thanks for all your lovely photos PPS A big thanks to all who worked so hard at Gurnards Head to make the festival a big success.

May Day Penzance Style

We kept with tradition this morning: getting up around 5am, dressing up in costume, bells and a touch of green to dance on the seafront at sunrise. It was a cold start but we soon warmed up with the newly learnt molly dance and a few old favourites. We didn’t expect to see anyone else there let alone scores of young people boarding the Scillonian III, heading to the Isles of Scilly for the International Gig Racing. We're not the only bonkers people up at dawn in Penzance.

Pensans Morris' First 'Ale'

On Wednesday March 18th we met up with members of Carn Brae and Blue Anchor Morris in the Bird in the Hand pub in Hayle for an 'Ale'. An 'Ale' seems to involve copious amounts of dancing, drinking, singing and socialising — a combination of all our favourite things. We couldn't have wished to meet a more friendly, welcoming group of fellow Morris enthusiasts and we look forward to many more joint ventures in the future. * Surreal moment of the evening — teaching a room full of burley 'be-belled' Morris dancers the Cornish dance 'Crowshenza'. They did really well.

Sennen Tour Modified !

We went to The Old Success as usual and had a great time, thanks to them for plying us with drinks. Unfortunately The First And Last could not accomodate us so instead we went to Logan Rock Inn for the first time and had a spectacularly good evening. Several jugs of alcoholic beverages were provided and we sang and played until after 11pm. Must go again!!!!

New Mill Open Gardens Day

This has been one of our favourite venues, and it again proved to be fantastic. Everyone is so friendly and force us to eat and drink to excess between dancing..... The midsummer June weather was glorious and so the whole package was lots of fun. The event raised £3,030.97 for charity and that's amazing for a small community! We can't wait for next year to do it all again...!!!!

The Yacht - last night out!

We always have fun at this place, and it's no surprise that we go here after practice too. The end-of-season dancing was here onthe last Thursday in August and was well attended and everyone enjoyed themselves in the pub afterwards. Once more in 2014 we have been very lucky with the weather, despite a shaky start! Keep it up......

Golowan Festival 2014 Penzance

Thursday night 26th June we did our tour of Penzance and it was quiet mostly, and we had to retreat into The Farmer's Arms to dance when a shower came down. After it cleared we got to Market Jew Street and the same happened, we sheletered! Then we went down to The Yacht and danced in the garden, then up to The Admiral Benbow for our session upstairs. Saturday 28th and we started 10:30am by the main stage at Green Market then off to Chapel Street outside The Union pub where we danced most of the day. We had plenty of joining-in and had chance to mix with friends old and new.....a perfect Mazey Day all round!!!

Mousehole Tour 2014

The hottest day if the year, our favourite evening and excellent dancing all came together to make the best dance-out this year. Starting at The Old Coastguard garden and then afterwards at The Ship (apologies to the busker - he has a great sense of humour). We always enjoy this night but it was special and the session in the pub ended after 11 and was brilliant!!! Many thanks to Ship landlady Mel.

2015 Practice

Practice for 2015 at Penlee Coach House is weekly on Thursdays from 7:30pm from October.